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Stellar California was established in 2006 by Real Estate Broker, Jo Cusi.   It was around the time when the real estate market was beginning to take a turn from boom to bust.  From the beginning, Jo wanted to offer personalized and high-quality service.  With everything becoming more hi-tech, hi-touch was losing ground and business was becoming more impersonal.  Jo embraced the technology-driven world but insisted on good old-fashion service---the kind of service where you feel you can talk to someone and have your questions answered and truly feel cared for. 


When the housing market crashed, many were caught off guard and unprepared.  All of a sudden, the large equity in homes disappeared.  Everyone was affected one way or another.  Virtually no one was exempt from its negative impact.  Like a plague, everyone was trying to find a cure for the housing epidemic.  Even the banks did not know what to do, resulting in streets full of foreclosed homes.  Homeowners scrambled for help with much-falling prey to scams and quick fixes to save their home.


Determined to help, and to be part of the solution, it was perfect timing when Jo has presented the opportunity to train to be a housing counselor.  Armed with her real estate background, she received the training to become a certified housing counselor for a non-profit, HUD-approved organization, NAAC (National Asian American Coalition).  Better equipped to help distressed homeowners, she volunteered in foreclosure prevention clinics in various cities, including Vallejo, one of the hardest hit areas in foreclosures, Daly City, Oakland, San Jose and Fresno. 


The one-on-one counseling sessions with the homeowners proved to be emotionally draining yet personally satisfying.  Many of them were able to complete successful modifications and were able to save their home from foreclosure.  For the ones who had to short sale, thankfully many are homeowners again while others are working on getting there.


As a compassionate Realtor®, Jo continues to reach out to those who need help.  As a dedicated and contributing real estate practitioner, she continues to offer her expertise to various lending and asset management institutions in preparing BPOs (Broker Price Opinion).  She also assists in asset acquisition and disposition.  With hundreds of BPOs professionally completed, her keen sense of the marketplace is invaluable.


Stellar California is a unique real estate company which embodies compassionate service.  Not only do they help clients buy and sell homes, they also help and provide guidance to those faced with less favorable and unfortunate housing challenges.


It is their mission to have you "own” your home, have you "sustain” your home, and from there, "green” your home.


Choosing the right agent to represent you in buying or selling can be challenging. Hopefully, these testimonials of clients who we have worked with can give a level of confidence about who we are and the kind of service we provide.

Yolyn R.

"Jo is professional and trustworthy. I have relied on her expertise over the years both as a buyer and seller as well. I relied on her negotiating skills when the housing market was at its highs and at its lows. And each time she puts her client first. She's the best."

Carmelita D.

I have known Jo Cusi for years now. She has helped us sell and buy homes. She also helped and guided us in preserving our home, twice and now, we can keep our home forlong term. She's a very thorough agent. She always gives her 100% time and effort to make your experience stress-free. She's very kind and patient. She also goes beyond where she can help you and make your life easier because selling or buying a home can be so stressful sometimes. All I can say is she's an excellent agent/broker. I will not have a second thought to seek help again from her in the future with my real estate needs. I will strongly recommend her to my family, friends and to other people to help them with their real estate needs. I am 100% sure that they will be satisfied with her service. I am so lucky to have known her and very grateful for all the help she had done for me and my family.

Darlyne F.

Jo has been very professional as a Realtor. She does not influence the client's decision. But rather, she is there to inform the client so they can make informed decisions. She always makes herself available for questions anytime of the day.

Joe & Elvie C.

I have dealt with many Realtors® in the past and was not impressed with their service and commitment. Jo demonstrated to us in an honest and sincere manner a desire to help us in our time of need and in selling our home.

Jo is a true professional with integrity and we would recommend anyone looking to buy or sell in Solano County to her.

Kristine & Francis M.

Jo was a great agent! She was like a friend I could call anytime and she would always be honest. She was efficient and on top of everything. She made sure our needs were met. She knew exactly what we were looking for and made sure it was in our price range. Jo responds quickly to any questions or concerns. We were 1st time homebuyers and she made sure we felt comfortable and understood everything the whole time. We will use Jo again in the future and hope others will too!

Nick T. and Shawn C.


"I have to say that the whole process working with Jo was an absolute delight! Jo was always here to assist us with any questions and responded immediately to our emails and texts. We were very impressed with her professionalism and friendliness. We will absolutely use her services in the future. Thank you Jo."

Teofilo & Vanjie A.

"Jo has the following qualities:

  1. Treats her Client with respect and dignity;
  2. Honest and can be relied upon;
  3. Proactive;
  4. Listens and recommends solution to the problem;
  5. Courteous and professional; and
  6. A person who is very easy to get along with.
    And, because of these personal attributes, Jo was able to sell our house in just a period of one (1) month......wonderful!
    Jo, keep up the excellent job!!!!!"

Primo & Relli G.

"You can always count on Jo's expertise, creativeness and professional handling of your property. She was always there providing her excellent services even at times going out of her way. That's the level of commitment and relationship you can expect from her. Will continue to seek help from Jo Cusi again. Thanks again Jo."

Fely G.

"It was a great honor that I chose Jo Cusi to help me sell my condo. I asked her for help but advised me to try loan modification because she knew that I wanted to keep my place as I've lived there for over 24 years. She helped me prepare for all the documents on the loan and faxed or mailed them to the bank. Most of the time they didn't even respond so she had to call andrefaxed them again. This process took over 6 months and finally I received a letter stating the my application was denied. We kept in contact with each other andfinally she asked to try selling the condo. My mortgage had increased, the HOA had increased tremendously that I cannot afford to stay in this place any longer. So we decided to have an open housewithin that week after we finished talking.

I was so excited to see several interested home buyers came and five buyers offered right away with pre=approved bank loans and within a week my place was sold. Thanks heaven and to Jo for her help. CHEERS TO JO, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!"

Sam and Rita A.

"Jo helped us buy our first house. She was very helpful in the buying process, giving us the advice and information we need to make a better decision. She did not just help us but also helped my parents buy a house, helped my husband's parents buy a house and sell their other house. She will always be a constant to us with regards to realty. We are very lucky to have her as our Realtor. Thank you Jo and keep up the good work."

Frances K.

"I chose this agent to help me sell my home because I worked with her as a colleague several years ago in a different profession. Since I was living in another state from where my housewas I knew I could count on her honesty and expertise to help me through this transaction. Since the buyer of my house did not have an agent and chose to have my agent represent both of us I felt her professional skills in handling our negotiationswere superb. I would not hesitate to recommend Josephine Cusi for any transaction in the real estate profession or in anything that she has knowledge in. I can honestly say that it would be very hard to find someone with the honesty and integrity that Josephine Cusi has."

Paul R.

"With her expertise, organization, positivity, and professionalism, Jo has what it takes to make everything happen smoothly and with smiles. Jo helped us tremendously in finding and buying our perfect first home---we couldn't be happier! Thank you Jo!:)"

Henie J.

"Jo is the best thing that happened to us. She was referred to us by our very good friend who is also one of herrealtor. My husband was adamantof getting a new realtor since not all realtors are good with short sales. We had a previous realtor whom we paid money to help us modify our loan but was not able to help us. After meeting with Jo, she help us find light again and move on. My husband change his mind several times about selling our home. But Jo did not push us in doing something we do not want to do. She was patiently waiting for several months for whatever time our loan modification will come to an end. Moreover, Jo keep giving us an update on the new laws coming out regarding loan modification and short sale. She helped us delay the Auction Date on our house 3 times. At the end, she helped us find the house we liked, rushed the closing before I go on maternity leave and helped us greatly on getting our old house go through short sale so it will not go into foreclosure since the buyers almost backed out at the last minute. Like others said about Jo, she is very professional, persistent with transactions, reliable, always available even very late at night, knowledgable, honest and trustworthy. I highly recommend her."

Mike and Rose D.

"Jo was extremely professional and patient while we were selling our home...Very persistent with transactions with the banks (we had a 1st and a 2nd) and that really helped us keep the stress off our shoulders. New information was sent to us via email in a very timely manner, and she was always there when we needed to call her forquestion. She not only sold our home, we also used her to buy our current home. Without any reservation, I highly recommend Josephine in buying or selling a home."

Ernie and Mylene E.

"Jo is very reliable, honest and knowledgable with the real estate business. She's also very patient and easy to talk to especially when we had some challenges in selling our property. We had a good experience having her as our Realtor. I highly recommend her."

Canon J.

"We were very fortunate to ahve Jo as our realtor. She sold our old home for us and was "Stellar" at finding us a new home to buy. She is a true professional in the real estate business and has great interpersonal skills. We enjoyed doing business with her during both buying and selling a home."

Seller name witheld

"Jo represented me in my short sale and proved to be a smart, responsive, caring and trusting agent and friend. Her knowledge of the market trend and experience in dealing with various moving parts during a transaction isunparallelled. I plan to seek Jo's representation again in my next home purchase. She's invaluable."

Jay and Patricia O.

"I can't say enough about Jo: so professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of Real Estate, and just delightful to work with. Also, she is the most diligent and trustworthy Agent we have had the good fortune to meet. On behalf of my family and myself, we want to give Jo a huge Thank You!"

Robert and Haydee N.

"Thank you, Jo. We appreciated the excellent service you provided to us."

Robert F., M.D. ,Ph.D. and Donna F.

"Josephine (Jo) Cusi of Stellar California was our guide and broker forpurchase of our new home in Benicia, California. Perhaps the most important thing for us was introducing us to the little-known gem of a community in Benicia, which was previously known to us only as the landing pad for a bridge. Once discovered, Jo deftly navigated us through multiple house showings. We found one that was owned by a bank after foreclosure. Since Jo had previous personal experience working with banks, she was able to advise us on the best strategy for making an offer, and guide us through a blizzard of paperwork. Our offer was accepted. At that point, she shifted helpfully into deal-closing mode, and lined up an excellent home inspector for us (Tirso De Ubago of Castle Rock Inspections). Throughout the whole stressful process, Jo was calm, helpful and accomodating. I would readily recommend her to others."

Yolyn and Dennis R.

"Professional. Honest. Dependable. Knowledgeable. These are just a few adjectives that describe Jo Cusi. I have relied on Jo's expertise over the years. Most recently, Jo helped us go through a difficult, complicated process called "short sale". Jo didn't just go toe to toe with my lender's savvy but devious negotiator(s)---Jo went head on. Truly, Jo is ahead of her league. One of a kind. Thanks Jo!"

Janet V.

"Jo has been my Realtor for the past few years now. I've had several real estate needs that she was able to accomplish for me in a smooth and timely manner. My latest move was very stressful and nerve racking but Jo handled it exceptionally well. She was able to sell my home even when the odds (or should I dare to say the banks!) were against us! Jo is very good at her craft. I can't believe she was able to pull things together even at the last minute! She's also veryaccomodating and even goes out of her way to meet me at work or at home whenever the need arises. I highly recommend her to any real estate needs. Thanks Jo!"

Ken S.

"Jo represented me as a buyer agent in a REO transaction. I highly recommend her as a Realtor.

Almost every Realtor can mail you MLS® listings and show you the house you are interested but the most important thing, I think, when deciding which Realtor to work with is his/ her trust-worthiness. Unfortunately, trust-worthiness cannot be discerned when you need to decide which Realtor to work with at the beginning of a transaction and very often when you find out the truth it was too late and you wasted a lot of time.

First ofall I want to say, I did not know Jo personally when I picked her to work with. Actually, before working with Jo, I had worked with 2 other Realtors® in the area, both of them sent me listing and showed me the houses and were pleasant to work with. However, it was during the more important phases of a transaction...offer presentation, negotiation, close of escrow...that they fell through and I was not happy with what happened during those critical moments. I did not know anyone in the area so I picked Jo from the internet. Fortunately, the 3rd time is a charm and Jo is wonderful to work with.

I am sure you know REO transactions are not the most straightforward thing and have many twists and turns. Jo had worked with me from the beginning to the end. Always want to make sure I am completely comfortable with the decision and the process. She always puts my interest above her own. Always fair and honest to all parties involved (including both buyer and seller). I am happy with the whole thing and think she has done an excellent job.

Jo may not be the bubbliest Realtor you will meet nor the one who impresses you with expensive office or car but she is down-to-earth, capable, solid and most importantly trust-worthy in representing your interest in any transaction.

If you are seriously considering using Jo's service and need reference, ask Jo about my contact information and I will be happy to talk with you."

Ann Marie and Jonathan S.

"We started working with Jo in search of our new home in the Bay Area at a time when the economy made it challenging for a buyer like us to find just the right place at the right price. But Jo made the experience easier in the best way she could, kept us always updated, and motivated us even when we seemed less optimistic about the process. She went above and beyond the call of duty of a real estate agent. Jo took the time to do research and found creative solutions for us to get ahead of other buyers eyeing the same property. She became our housing advocate, confidante, and now a trusted family friend. We are so pleased with Jo Cusi's services of Stellar California."

Gil and Jeannette G.

"I was a soldier in the US Army and deployed to Afghanistan. My wife was taking care of our two kids and holding down the household duties. We left our house in the hands of Jo Cusi to sell. She is a true and proven professional in her field. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to buy or sell a house. She possesses all the skills and knowledge to get the job done. Our experience working with her during this tough housing market and our tough family situation has been very comforting and assuring. We are experienced homeowners and have purchased three homes and sold two. We have worked with various agents and none compare to Jo Cusi. She is head and shoulders above her contemporaries in this extremely challenging field."