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About Josephine (Jo) Cusi

Josephine (Jo) Cusi


Stellar California was established in 2006 by Real Estate Broker, Jo Cusi.   It was around the time when the real estate market was beginning to take a turn from boom to bust.  From the beginning, Jo wanted to offer personalized and high-quality service.  With everything becoming more hi-tech, hi-touch was losing ground and business was becoming more impersonal.  Jo embraced the technology-driven world but insisted on good old-fashion service---the kind of service where you feel you can talk to someone and have your questions answered and truly feel cared for. 


When the housing market crashed, many were caught off guard and unprepared.  All of a sudden, the large equity in homes disappeared.  Everyone was affected one way or another.  Virtually no one was exempt from its negative impact.  Like a plague, everyone was trying to find a cure for the housing epidemic.  Even the banks did not know what to do, resulting in streets full of foreclosed homes.  Homeowners scrambled for help with much-falling prey to scams and quick fixes to save their home.


Determined to help, and to be part of the solution, it was perfect timing when Jo has presented the opportunity to train to be a housing counselor.  Armed with her real estate background, she received the training to become a certified housing counselor for a non-profit, HUD-approved organization, NAAC (National Asian American Coalition).  Better equipped to help distressed homeowners, she volunteered in foreclosure prevention clinics in various cities, including Vallejo, one of the hardest hit areas in foreclosures, Daly City, Oakland, San Jose and Fresno. 


The one-on-one counseling sessions with the homeowners proved to be emotionally draining yet personally satisfying.  Many of them were able to complete successful modifications and were able to save their home from foreclosure.  For the ones who had to short sale, thankfully many are homeowners again while others are working on getting there.


As a compassionate Realtor®, Jo continues to reach out to those who need help.  As a dedicated and contributing real estate practitioner, she continues to offer her expertise to various lending and asset management institutions in preparing BPOs (Broker Price Opinion).  She also assists in asset acquisition and disposition.  With hundreds of BPOs professionally completed, her keen sense of the marketplace is invaluable.


Stellar California is a unique real estate company which embodies compassionate service.  Not only do they help clients buy and sell homes, they also help and provide guidance to those faced with less favorable and unfortunate housing challenges.


It is their mission to have you "own” your home, have you "sustain” your home, and from there, "green” your home.